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Privacy Policy

Trust is a core value for Mold Inspection Sciences, Inc. You give us data if you use our services. Your trust is essential for us therefore we need to make sure that you trust us.

What data, including personal data, do we have?

  • We store data that you give us
  • It can be name, your company name, telephone number, address, email address, and other data depending upon what transactions we have done together

Why store data?

  • Because we need your data; e.g. accounting purposes
  • Because we need to send you a newsletter you have signed up for
  • Because you have requested we contact you
  • Because we have delivered a service requested by you or someone acting on your behalf
  • You have applied for a job

When do we store and process data?

  • We have an explicit legal reason to do so
  • We have explicit consent from you
  • We have an explicit and relevant purpose

We safeguard your data:

  • We prevent that your personal data is unintentionally deleted, made public, or is exposed to anyone not legally allowed to access your data
  • We have made sure that your data is being treated in accordance with US data privacy legislation
  • We do regular revisions of processes and data stored.
  • We wash data on a regular basis removing data not relevant for legal or any other relevant purpose
  • We don’t share your data with third-parties

You can contact us at if you have any questions as to the privacy of your data.